Close Bet option in online sports betting

Bet365Bet365 Sports Betting implemented a new betting feature: Close Bet.

This option is available only with a handful of other online bookmakers, so its addition to Bet365 betting section will surely appeal to a vast number of customers. If you don’t know about this Close Bet function yet, you are in for some great news. This option is available for bets placed at Bet365 that were not settled yet. This way, if you have placed a bet and you are having doubts over it, you can change your mind and close your betting position for a settlement fee. Depending on the potential outcome, you will either make an early profit on a winning bet or you will reduce your loss on your initial stake for a losing bet. The Close Bet function is available from Bet365 desktop, mobile and tablet website. The only thing to note is that players from Greece, Germany, Italy or Australia will not be able to enjoy this function at this time. Find out more details on Bet365 Sports Betting website, or you can check our Bet365 Sports review.