Draw Poker

Draw PokerDraw Poker is the game many people grew up with, playing at home with friends or family during nights. It is also known as 5 Card Draw Poker.

The game has similar rules in terms of poker hand rankings, only that the process of a Draw Poker hand is easier.

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In Draw Poker, two players must put in the blinds first (small and bid blind), and then there are 5 cards dealt face down to each of the player at the table. This game is also known as the 5 Card Draw Poker. Once the cards dealt, the players enter a betting round. When this betting round is equalized, players around the table can discard card from their hands and ask for new ones. In most games, players are allowed to discard only 3 out of their 5 cards, but some variations might occur in different poker rooms, allowing you to discard up to 5 cards at once. The discarded cards are then replaced by the dealer with new ones. At this point we have a new betting round, and the final one, and when this round was equalized, the players move to the showdown. The best 5 card hand will win the jackpot.

These are the basic rules of Draw Poker. However, for a step by step guide we recommend you read 5 Card Draw Poker, or other of its variations like Deuce to Seven Triple Draw or Deuce to Seven Lowball (single draw).

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