Top Mistakes in Poker

Poker TipsNeedless to say that mistakes in poker have as a result losing money and confidence in your poker skills. You will find below some of the top reasons for which players lose in poker, and what would be the solutions to avoid these mistakes.

1. Lack of fundamentals

Some people lose in poker simply because they lack the poker game fundamentals.

Solution: with all the poker literature and online resources there is no excuse for lack of fundamentals. Take a book or simply go through our poker game guide to learn how to play and practice online for free before considering going in with any money.

2. Playing unaffordable limits

Playing poker on unaffordable limits has a bad influence on your judgement and your play. You will not be able to take smart logical decisions when you play poker if you will also have to worry in the same time about how will you pay your rent and bills next month if the card you expecting will not show up.

Solution: play poker with money and at stakes you can afford to lose. Try first to see the fun in the game, and after that look at it as a way of living.

3. Drinking alcohol while playing

Alcohol has as a result a dizzy poor judgement, it make you take decisions you wouldn’t take with a clear mind. It’s no secret why casinos offer free alcohol drinks at the tables – they will make you lose your money.

Solution: don’t drink alcohol before or while playing

4. Quitting while you’re ahead

Many players set as a target an amount to reach when playing at the table and they stop as soon as they reach that level. Don’t quit while you’re ahead, as your confidence is strong in the game, and the other players at the table will be influenced by that. People however continue playing when they are on tilt and they lose money; their reasoning is to recover their loses. Don’t be one of these individuals, best is to quit when you’re on tilt.

Solution: continue playing while ahead, quit playing when on tilt

5. Playing on tilt

Poker is not only skills, but probabilities as well. Sometimes probabilities might be more than expected against you, and you will find yourself losing unexpected hands. This happens in every day poker, but some players can’t face this very well and continue playing with an affected confidence.

Solution: stop playing, take a break. If you are unable to face these kind of situations best way is to take a break of a few hours or a day. Or at least you can change the table if you are playing online poker.

6. Playing in tough games

Even if most people have the basic knowledge of poker, some just have more skills and experience in this game than others. Don’t try to show off going head to head with better players. There is a reason they are better than you, and it will show at the end of the game through the money they won and the money you lost.

Solution: play at tables with players of the same level or even poorer – built your confidence and bankroll.

7. Elevated ego

Though many of us know the poker rules, this is not enough. Don’t think you know everything about poker cause you’re not. The faster you realize that, the better for you as you will be more open minded to learn new things.

Solution: put your ego on a side, there is a lot more to learn about poker than you know