Poker Hand Rankings

As a poker player you need to know first the poker hand rankings. Without this knowledge it would be difficult for you to play poker, as you wouldn’t know when you have strong hand and when not, in order ro push the game in an appropriate way to make the best of it.

Below you will find the poker hand rankings, from the lowest to the highest poker hand. As you probably already know, a poker hand is formed from 5 cards (not more or less, even though some poker variations will deal you more cards, only 5 of them can be used to form the best possible hand).

High Card

The lowest possible poker hand is when you have nothing (no pair, no color, no consecutive cards). However,even in this hand we have a certain ranking, in the case all the players have a similar hand. In this hand you get to make the difference based on the highest card in the hand. If more players have the same high card, the ranking will be made based on the second high card (and so on). In the example below is an example of a High card hand, where the high card is an Ace.

Single Pair

In a Single Pair hand, we would have any two cards of the same rank, let;s say 2 Queens (as in the example below). If more players have one pair, in determining the winner, the pairs are mirrored as in the case of general cards; this way the strongest hand of a single pair would be the one with two Aces, and the lowest hand would be the one with a pair of 2s.

Two Pairs

The Two Pair hand is formed from two sets of cards of the same rank. Ranking between players with 2 pairs mirrors that of the general cards in general. This way, a player with a pair of 2 Aces and 2 10s has better hand than a player with pairs of Kings and Queens.

Three of a Kind

Three of a Kind, also called trips, this hand is when you have cards of the same rank, as in the example below, three sevens. In the case of more players having three of a kind hands, the ranking is made based on the card ranking (three Queens rank better than three sevens).


A Straight is a hand formed from 5 sequential rank order cards, like in the example below: 8, 9, 10, Jack and Queen. In Straights, Aces can have both a high and low value.


The Flush is a hand formed from five cards of the same suite, like in the exmple below we have five hearts.

Full House

A Full House is a strong poker hand, formed from a Pair and Three of a Kind. The ranking in Full House (in the case more than one player has such a hand), is determined on the card rankings (first of the three of a kind, and than of the pair). This way a full house of three 7s with a pair of Aces is smaller than a full house with three Kings and a pair of 2s.

Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind is a poker hand formed from four cards of the same rank, for example four 7s. To be remembered that ranking still apply to different hands with four of a kind: four Kings is higher than four 7s.

Straight Flush

The Straight Flush is the same as the Straight (see above – 5 sequential cards), but in the same time, all five cards are of the same suit (as in the example below – we have five hearts).

Royal Flush

Royal Flush is the daddy of all poker hands – the biggest poker hand of all. The Royal Flush is a straight with the high card Ace (that means a 10-J-Q-K-Ace), and in the same time, all 5 cards are of the same suit (as in the example below we have five hearts – but might be as well formed from five diamonds).