Number of Goals Betting

Learn to bet on number of goals markets. Find what are the available options for this bet and how it works. 


Number of goals / points

The number of goals or points (from a sport to another) scored during a game gives a new type of betting market. The most common betting based on number of goals / points is the Over / Under betting market.

Over / Under

In this case, the bookmakers will set a benchmark, and punters can place bets on over or under if they think the number of goals or points scored in a given timeframe will be lower or higher than the benchmark provided by the betting agency.

Limits for the over / under betting markets can bet set 3 ways:

1. Half goal (point) – 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 … – In this case there are two possible outcomes, and the bet is either won or lost

2. Whole goal (point) – 1, 2, 3 … – In this case the bet can be won, lost or void
Let’s say for example you place a bet on Over 2 goals

  • if the games ends with 0 or 1 goals, the bet is lost
  • if the game ends with 2 goals, the bet is void, stake is refunded
  • if the game ends with 3 or more goals, the bet is won

3. Quarter goal (point) – 0.25, 0.75, 1.25, 1.75 … – In this case the stake is slit in half, in two separate bets.

Let’s say for example you place an 4 units bet on Over 1.75 goals (the bet is split 2 units on Over 1.5 and 2 units on Over 2 goals)

  • if the games ends with 0 or 1 goals, the bet is lost
  • if the game ends with 2 goals, half of the bet (Over 1.5) is won, and the other half is void, and stake refunded
  • if the game ends with 3 or more goals, the bet is won


The Over / Under bet can be placed on different timeframes for a game:

  • full time – predict the result for the full time game. This bet can include or not the overtime play.
  • half time – predict the result at half time
  • 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th quarter – predict the result for a quarter of the game (specific to games that are split into quarters such a basketball, hockey)

Total goals

The Total Goals / Points betting market let punters to predict how many goals will be scored within a given timeframe of the game. Prediction is made based on a selection of one of the various ranges offered by each bookmaker.

Odd / Even

This market is used to predict if the total number of goals scored during a game or within any other timeframe of the game will be an odd or even number.

Half with most goals / points

This bet is to predict which half of the game will have the most goals / points scored. Both teams goals / points are added together to give the total. At this bet there could also be a draw, with an equal number of goals scored in each half of the game.

Winning margin

The winning margin betting market is used to predict by how many goals a team will win a game (example: away team to win by 1 goal).

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