1X2 Betting

Learn to bet on 1X2 (win-draw-win) markets. Find what are the available options for this bet and how it works.


1X2 betting

1X2 betting, also known as Win-Draw-Win betting or 3-way betting, is the most common betting market for all types of sports. You will find this simple bet at soccer games, handball, tennis, basketball and any other “one against another” game type.

A 1X2 bet consists of predicting the outcome of a game, by simply choosing

  • 1 – if you thing the home team / participant will win the game
  • 2 – if you think the away team / participant will win the game
  • X – if you think the game will end in a draw (equality)

The 1X2 betting market has several variations to consider:


The 1X2 bet can be placed on different timeframes for a game:

  • full time – predict the winner for the full time game. Full time can or can not include overtime play.
  • half time – predict the winner at half time
  • 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th quarter – predict the winner for a quarter of the game (specific to games that are split into quarters such a basketball, hockey)
  • half time / full time – predict the winner at both half time and full time of the game

Possible outcomes

This betting market can be reduced in some situations to only two outcomes (12 betting or home-away, Draw No Bet or head-to-head betting), and the punter has the option to choose only one winner (no possible draw):

  • 1 – if you think the home team / participant will win the game
  • 2 – if you think the away team / participant will win the game

This bet is specific to games where draw result is not possible (tennis, baseball), or higly improbable (basketball, hockey, American football). However the bet can also be found on other regular games, such at soccer or other sports (if draw the bet is regularly refunded), or on head to head match ups from sports with multiple participants (Formula 1, golf etc).

Double chance

As a punter you will also find the multiple choice option, also known as double chance. In the 1X2 betting market, a punter can choose 2 different outcomes of the game:

  • 12 – if you think one of the two teams / participants will win (you lose the bet in case of a draw)
  • 1X – if you think home team / participant will win or the game will end up as a draw (you lose the bet in case of away team winning)
  • X2 – if you think away team / participant will win or the game will end up as a draw (you lose the bet in case of home team winning)

To win both halves

This bet predicts which team will win both halves of a game. This bet is not to be mistaken with the Half Time / Full Time betting market, that considers in the second half the goals scored in the first half as well. The win both halves betting market will consider only goals scored in each half: for example home team wins with 1-0 first half, and with 2-0 the second half – te final result of the game in such situation should be 3-0 for home team.

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