Lottery Strategies

This is rather a difficult article to write mainly because there is no proven strategy for winning the lottery. First of all, we have to remember that balls drawn have no memory, nor there are any outside influences that can influence the outcome of the lottery draws.

However people all over the world have developed all kind of strategies that they think can bring them closer to the jackpot. Here are some of the most common beliefs, some true, some false, but that gives a pleasant variation of playing the old lottery game:

Playing more numbers on a ticket

Well this is rather a good strategy, mathematicaly speaking, as playing 6 numbers on a 6/49 lottery ticket gives you 1 in 13,983,816 chances of win, while 7 numbers on a6/49 lottery ticket will give you 1 in 1,997,688 chances of winning, and the chances get better with the more numbers you play on same lottery ticket.

Follow the old man

“Follow the old man” is the strategy of marking the numbers that seem to come up more often. A player can follow the lottery and if he sees certain numbers being drawn more often, he could get the assumption that it’s more likely for those numbers to also come up in the upcoming draws. This assumption is false however, mainly because balls have no memory: they don’t know they have to come up more often because that is what they did in the previous draws.

Let the old man chase you

“Let the old man chase you” is another strategy developed on the belief that if certain numbers haven’t came up for some time now, they must come up in the next draws. This is again a false assumption basing this belief on unreasonable grounds. However this can of course offer a different way of playing the lotto.

Play lucky numbers

One of the common plays at the lottery is marking down the personal lucky numbers, or birth date numbers. This is just another way of picking some numbers, without offering any real advantage. If you win the big jackpot with such numbers, remember this is luck.

Play the lotto pool

Players can play as a group on a lottery ticket. this way they spread the costs of the ticket, but in the same time they spread the winnings if any. Some local lottery shops are doing this on their own, but any player can do that as well: make up a group of people that come with a certain amount of money each in order to play a lottery ticket. As more people are playing the same numbers, and costs are under control, the lottery ticket played could be easly a complex variant like 11 numbers out of 49.