Euro Millions

EuroMillions LotteryEuro Millions is a multi-state lottery of Europe. Though there are only a few countries participating in this lottery, any EU citizen and not only can play this lottery game.

To play go to your local lottery shop, or even easier, buy your tickets online. Buying your tickets online is fast, easy and cheap; you will also avoid any crowded lottery shops and you can play at any time of the day, from home or the office, wherever you have an Internet connection.

The Euro Millions draws take place each week, on Friday nights, 20.00, in Paris. This lotto format is 5/50 + 2PB 2/9, what indicates it uses 2 bags of numbers: one bag of numbers 1-50, where the player must choose 5, and the second bag of numbers 1-9, where the player must choose 2. The odds for hitting the big jackpot at Euro Millions are 1 in 76,275,360. These odds are directly proportional with the huge prizes at this lottery.

Player wins are based on the following prize division table:

Prize Divisions
Divisions Match Winning Odds
1st Prize 5+2PB 1:76,275,360
2nd Prize 5+PB 1:5,448,240
3rd Prize 5 1:3,632,160
4th Prize 4+2PB 1:339,002
5th Prize 4+PB 1:24,214
6th Prize 4 1:16,143
7th Prize 3+2PB 1:7,705
8th Prize 3+PB 1:550
9th Prize 3 1:367
10th Prize 2+2PB 1:538
11th Prize 2+PB 1:38
12th Prize 1+2PB 1:102
Last Draw Date 14/05/2021 19:00 GMT
Last Draw Results 6;16;18;29;38 + 6;11
Next Draw Date 18/05/2021 19:00 GMT
Next Draw Jackpot € 41 Million

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