Canada Super 7

Canada Super 7 LotteryCanada Super 7 is a Canadian lottery, with a draw of 7 numbers from a bag of 47 numbers. Anyone can play the Canadian lottery online.

To play Super 7 go to your local lottery shop (if you live in Canada), or you could als buy your tickets online (people from all around the world can play the Super 7). Buying your tickets online is fast, easy and cheap; you will also avoid any crowded lottery shops and you can play at any time of the day, from home or the office, wherever you have an Internet connection.

The Canada Super 7 draws take place weekly, on Friday nights, at 21.30. This lottery format is 7/47, what indicates it uses 1 bag of numbers from 1-47, where the player must pick 7. The odds for hitting the big jackpot at the Canadian Super 7 are 1 in 62,891,500.

Player wins are based on the following prize division table:

Prize Divisions
Divisions Match Winning Odds
1 Prize 7 1:62,891,500
2 Prize 6+1 1:8,984,500
3 Prize 6 1:230,373
4 Prize 5 1:3,840
5 Prize 4 1:183
6 Prize 3+1 1:198
7 Prize 3 1:21

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