Lottery Games

Euro Millions

EuroMillions LotteryEuro Millions is a multi-state lottery of Europe. Though there are only a few countries participating in this lottery, any EU citizen and not only can play this lottery game.

Lotto 6/49

6/49 LottoThe most common lottery variation is 6/49. We will find this game played in various national lotteries around the world, with some small variations.

USA Hot Lotto

USA Hot LottoUSA Hot Lotto is a USA multi-state lottery. Playing the Hot Lotto is simple and easy. Just order your tickets online and play for a chance of winning the big jackpots.

Spain La Primitiva

Spain La Primitiva LotteryLa Primitiva is the National Lottery of Spain. It is in the regular format of 6/49 lottery, accessible to any player around the world, regardless of their residence.

Canada Lotto 6/49

Canada Lotto 6/49Canada 6/49 Lotto is the National Lottery of Canada, and as the name says, it’s in the regular 6/49 format, that most of us are already familiar with.

Canada Quebec 49

Canada Quebec 49 LotteryQuebec 49 is the lottery of Quebec region, Canada. As any othe lottery listed here, you have the opportunity to play online no matter where you live.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions LotteryMega Millions is the USA largest lottery, with a participation of most of the states. However that doesn’t mean only people residing in those states can play.


PowerBall LotteryPowerBall US Lottery is one of the USA largest lotteries, with a participation of many of the states. You can still play despite if you are not part of these states.

Italy SuperEnalotto

Italy SuperEnalottoSuperEnalotto is the National Lottery of Italy. It has three drawings a week and the winning combinations have some of the toughest odds among lotteries.

Spain El Gordo

Spain El Gordo LotteryEl Gordo is a Spanish lottery. Part of Spain National Lottery, it uses two bags of numbers, having a format of 5/54 + PB 1/10. Check the way you can play here.

Canada Super 7

Canada Super 7 LotteryCanada Super 7 is a Canadian lottery, with a draw of 7 numbers from a bag of 47 numbers. Anyone can play the Canadian Super 7 lottery online.

Canada BC 49

Canada British Columbia 49 LotteryBritish Columbia 49 (also known as BC 49) is the lottery of British Columbia region of Canada. It is in the format of 6 numbers out of 49, along with a bonus number.

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