Keno Strategies

KenoCheck here the most common strategies used in playing the Keno game. As Keno is a game of chance, all strategies are discussable.

As Keno is a game of chance and luck, just like the lottery, strategies available for this game will not offer you any type of advantage.

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One strategy would be to mark the numbers that seem to be coming up more often, or as other would say, “follow the old man”. Going on this assumption that those numbers will keep coming up again is just what it is: an assumption. The odds for the drawball to produce an even distribution of numbers over the ticket or a distribution of numbers in a consecutive order are basically the same.

You could also “let the old man chase you”, meaning that you could mark the numbers that haven’t come up recently and it would be their turn to come up in the balldraw. Again, the balldraw keeps no track of such theories, and it is possible that number “XX” to come up in 10 consecutive games or not at all in 100 consecutive games – it is all a matter of chance.

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Some players like to spread their choices evenly over the top and bottom part of the Keno ticket. Of course most of the time you will see that the balldraw produces such spreaded numbers over the both halves, but it still doesn’t provide you with an advantage.

Just as the lottery, other players might play some numbers that have a certain relevance to them: lucky numbers, birthdays, etc.

These are the most often strategies meet while playing Keno, none offering a real advantage, but they could offer fun.