How to Play Keno

KenoKeno rules are simple, and in very many ways similar to the lottery game, a game that most of us already know how to play it.

Playing Keno is simple. Get a keno ticket and mark with an X 20 of the numbers. After marking the numbers you can register your ticket and pay for the bet (just like playing a lotto ticket). After all the wagers were taken, the balldraw will take place. Based on how many numbers you marked correctly you will win one of the cash prizes offered.

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The rules of playing Keno are very simple: you choose a minimum of 4 but no more than 10 figures between 1 and 80. Each selection is called a ‘Keno Spot’, so if you choose 10 figures you are playing a 10 keno Spot game. The more spots the balldraw hits, the higher the winnings for you – see the Keno paytable above for some examples.

Basically you get a Keno ticket where you must mark with a crayon or pen the numbers, go to the Keno desk that will register your ticket and offer you a duplicate ticket. Soon 20 numbers will be drawn in the balldraw, and based your selections you could go home with $100,000 from a $1 wager (to be noted that Keno tickets are also available at prices like 5-10p). Results of the Keno ball-draw are always presented on the Keno boards. The online version of Keno is basically the same, only that instead of using the ballon with all the balls, there is an electronic system generating numbers randomly. These systems are always checked by outside commissions to assure fairness of the game and that the online casinos do not use any tactics to gain any advantage over the players.

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