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SlotsSlots is a game of chance, and winning at this game requires luck and odds on your side. See what are the odds of winning the video slot game.



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Slots payouts

Each slot machine has a pay table that lists the credits the player will get paid when he gets certain symbols in a pay-line.There are some symbols (wild symbols) that will pay if they are visible in any position, even if they are not on a pay-line. For details about slot pay-tables you can check with each machines (for land casinos) or with each game from an online casino.

Typical slot machines are programmed to pay out to players around 82-98% of the money wagered. This is known as “theoretical payout percentage”. This payout percentage varies from one casino to another, from one country to another. As in the online casino industry the competition is high and expenses are much lower than in a land casino, the payout percentages tend to be better.

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Slots – progressive jackpots

Quite often, slot machines are linked together in a way that allows a group of machines to offer a larger prize, or the so called jackpot. All these machines contribute to the value of the prize, so who ever plays at any of these linked slots is a potential jackpot winner. Winning the jackpot means hitting a combination of symbols. The winning paid out in a progressive jackpot is by far higher than any other prize a regular slot machine could pay on its own. In some cases, slots are linked across multiple casinos (this is the case of both land and online casinos).