How to Play Slots

SlotsIn order to play the slots, a person must buy the right to play:either insert coins (land casinos) or use credit balance (online).

In ordinary slot machines found in land casinos the right to play is usually done by inserting coins in the machines; in the case of online slots you will simply select your credit to start playing and you have the opportunity to select the amount of each bet.

Slots index

The object of this game is to win money from the machine. These prizes are offered by the machines based on winning patterns they have set up (the symbols that must come up when the reels stop). The best winnings are offered when players manage to match the symbols in the raw. Symbols are simple figures, easily recognizable like fruits, hearts, diamonds… and the variations are endless based on the slots theme. If the player matches a combination of symbols, he will get paid based on payout table, that in this particular case could offer either cash or another type of value (ex: bonus or free spins).

Multi-line slots are increasing in popularity, as they offer more chances to win. In this case, slots don’t rely solely on the center line as payout line, but on a multitude of lines. Online casinos are the ones that took advantage the most of this multi-line slots.

In order to win the jackpot at slots, a player must play in some cases the maximum amount of coins. At some slots, the paytable is based on the coins played each round (the more coins played, the higher the value of a potential winning) while at other slots it makes no importance of how many coins are played in order to trigger a bonus round and the chance to win the jackpot.


Slot terminology

  • Bonus – is a round activated when specific symbols appear in a winning combination. The bonus round differs from one themed slot game to another, and each bonus comes different as cash prizes or free spins. When the players hits the bonus round, he gets to choose an item from a few presented on the screen. Behind each item there is a prize.
  • Carousel – this is referred as to a group of slot machines, usually in a circle or oval formation
  • Credit meter – is a visual display of the amount of money or credits on the machine
  • Hand pay – this refers to a payout made by a slot attendant or cage, rather than the slot machine (specific to land casinos). Hand pay occurs when the amount of the payout exceeds the maximum amount that was preset by the slot machine’s operator.
  • Low Level (or Slant Top) slot machines include a stool where the player can sit and play
  • Stand Up (or Upright) slot machines are played while standing
  • Payline – the line used for awarding the winnings and payments. It can be a straight or zig-zagged line that crosses through one symbol on each reel; along this line winning combinations are evaluated. Classic spinning reel machines usually have up to nine paylines, while video slot machines may have as many as one hundred.
  • Rollup – is the sound process marking a win while the meters count to the amount that has been won