CrapsCraps is a dice game played against other players (street craps) or against the bank (bank craps, played in today’s casinos).

In Craps players are wagering on the outcome of one roll or a series of rolls of two dice.


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Craps Table

Craps is a table game. As presented in the image, craps table shows a series of numbers (this is standard arrangement)(without Big 6/8), along with the betting spaces.

A regular casino craps table is run by four casino different people: the boxman, two base dealers and the stickman. The boxman has the following tasks: guards the chips, supervises the dealers, handles coloring out players. The 2 base dealers collect and pay the winning bets at the table. These dealers must make sure the games is played by the house rules, like for the dice to be rolled with one hand and the dice to bounce off the far wall surrounding the table. These conditions are meant to keep the game fair and avoid any “controlled shots”. The stickman, as the name says it, is the person collecting the dice with a wooden stick. Besides that, the stickman gets to announce the results of each roll, takes the bets in the center of the table (craps, yo, hard ways, horn) and directs base dealers to pay the winners for the bets placed in the center of the table.

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If during the play a die leaves the table, the shooter will be asked to choose another die from the 3 left. In some occasions, the shooter can request to use the same die, and this can be approved after the boxman inspects it. This will reduce any attempts of using loaded dice. Read here the step by step guide for playing craps.

Craps Table Layout