BlackJackThe game BlackJack, also known as Twenty-one (21) or Pontoon, is probably the most played game in a casino.

It is widely recognized and most people know the basic rules of this game in order to adventure towards a BlackJack table.

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BlackJack is both a game of chance and skill. This game is also surrounded by the recently card counting technics that calculates the probability of getting drawn high cards or low cards.

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BlackJack Table

Play Free BlackJackThe BlackJack table has one dealer and several places for players to seat. The dealer will use a 1-6 deck cards for the game. Players will be dealt 2 cards all face-up, and the dealer will also get 2 cards, 1 face-up, the other face-down. The objective is to reach the value of 21 with your cards or anywhere closer to this value, without exceeding this value as this is a losing hand. For exact rules of playing the BlackJack see the next section.

BlackJack Table Layout