SlotsSlots are the unmissable game from any casino. Reason: simple way of playing, without requiring a dealer and great winnings.

Slots, or slot machines (known in the US), fruit machines (known in UK), pachisuro (in Japan), or poker machines (known in Australia), are basic gambling machines found in casinos. Slot games are some of the most popular games in any casino, stats showing over 70% of the players using these games. Slot machines are a game of chance; it does not involve any skills from players.

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Slot machines

Slot machines are gambling machines with 3 or more reels which spin when a button is pushed. The slot machines pay off is based on the symbols visible on the front of machine when it stops and based on winning patterns.

Slot machines had (in some casinos still do) been using a lever in order to activate the spinning reels. As many players were playing and remained penniless, slots machines also got the name of one-armed-bandits.

Now, with the revolution of online gambling, slot machines are activated by a click, and the games provided are varied than ever, offering a wide range of themes and special play bonuses. Click here to learn how to play slots.

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