RouletteRoulette (named after the French word with the meaning “small wheel”) is probably the standard game of all casinos.

Play Free RouletteRoulette is more a game of chance than of skills, and it enjoys the most fans. Playing the Roulette is simple: basically players place bets on either a number or a range of numbers, on the color of the numbers (red or black) or if the number will be odd or even. The croupier will spin the Roulette wheel in one direction and the ball in the other direction, and based on the result will be determined the winning number and color.

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Roulette wheel and table

The game of Roulette is formed from a wheel and a table.

The wheel has a sequence of pockets numbered from 1 to 36, in an alternation of black and red. There will also be one green pocket (0) specific to the European Roulette, or 2 green pockets (0 and 00) specific to the American Roulette.

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The table (see image) has a 3 column layout that covers all the numbers. You can place the chips (bets) on any of these numbers or multiple numbers, or you can place bets on a range of numbers covered by the other cells available on the Roulette table: column I, column II, column III, rows 1-4, rows 5-8, rows 9-12, black or red, odd or even, first half range (1-18) or second half range (19-36). Read here full guide for playing roulette.


Roulette Table Layout