Casino Games

What Games Can You Play at Casinos?


RouletteRoulette (named after the French word with the meaning “small wheel”) is probably the standard game of all casinos.



BlackJackThe game BlackJack, also known as Twenty-one (21) or Pontoon, is probably the most played game in a casino.



CrapsCraps is a dice game played against other players (street craps) or against the bank (bank craps, played in today’s casinos).



BaccaratBaccarat is a casino card game. It is in some ways similar to BlackJack, and it enjoys increased popularity due to simple rules.



SlotsSlots are the unmissable game from any casino. Reason: simple way of playing, without requiring a dealer and great winnings.



KenoKeno is a game of luck based on a balldraw. It is in many ways similar to the lottery game or bingo game.



How to Play Casino Games:

How to Play the Roulette

RouletteFor playing the Roulette you simply must place bets on either numbers or range of numbers on the Roulette table.


How to Play BlackJack

BlackJackBlackJack rules are simple, what makes this game accessible to anyone. The objective of this game is to hit 21.


How to Play Craps

CrapsCraps has some simple rules, but with the multitude of bets available over the game it became more complex to play and follow.


How to Play Baccarat

BaccaratAs in BlackJack, players must hit a value or closer to a value in order to win. In baccarat the aimed value is 9 (nine).


How to Play Keno

KenoKeno rules are simple, and in very many ways similar to the lottery game, a game that most of us already know how to play it.


How to Play Slots

SlotsIn order to play the slots, a person must buy the right to play:either insert coins (land casinos) or use credit balance (online).


Casino Games Payouts &Odds:

Roulette Payouts & Odds

RouletteWe have analyzed the bets available at the Roulette game, let’s see now the payouts on any bet, and your chances of winning.


BlackJack Payouts & Odds

BlackJackBlackJack payouts might differ from a casino to another, however the odds against winning remain the same.


Keno Payouts & Odds

KenoDid you know that you have 200 more chances of hitting 5 numbers on a keno ticket that hitting none? Check winning chances at keno.


Slots Payouts & Odds

SlotsSlots is a game of chance, and winning at this game requires luck and odds on your side. Check the odds of winning the video slot game.


Craps Payouts & Odds

CrapsCraps offers in some cases good payout odds (true odds), and in other cases the game will have either a commission or house edge.


Casino Games – other resources:

Baccarat Variations

BaccaratBaccarat game knows several variations from a region to another and from a casino to another, with small rule alterations.


Craps Betting

CrapsCraps has a multitude of betting options available during the game. Learn here what are the Craps bets and how to use them in your advantage.


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