SureBet Calculator

Sports arbitrages, sure bets, bets without risk, are all ways to call a single system: the sure bet. The sure bet is a combination of bets where the player gets net profits whatever the final outcome of the event.

The SureBet Calculator helps you calculate fast and easy the amount to be staked on 2-way odds or 3-way odds in order to get the same amount won no matter the result. Simply input the odds in the required fields (decimal odds – EU style), input the total stake and the calculator will tell you how to split the stake on each bet in order to win the maximum amount no matter the result of your bets. The Percentage return shows how much of your stake money will be recovered. In sure-bets, is best to identify games and combine odds from several bookmakers in order to get a return of over 100%.

SureBet Calculator 2 Outcomes

SureBet Calculator 3 Outcomes

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